soleil-politique-paraguaySOLEIL POLITIQUE

Pierre Bal-Blanc

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Soleil Politique is a book conceived by curator Pierre-Bal Blanc, in dialogue with graphic designers Vier5 and Paraguay Press; it dwells on the exhibition that he organised at Museion, Bolzano, in 2014. In Soleil Politique, Pierre Bal-Blanc, the former director of CAC Bretigny and now a member of the curatorial team of documenta14, examines the exhibition’s starting points in the writing of a group of thinkers and artists, its methodology – inspired by the musical compositions of Cornelius Cardew – and some of the consequences and afterthoughts the exhibition provoked.

Edited by Paraguay
Authors: Pierre Bal-Blanc, Paraguay, Henri Lefebvre, Giorgio Agamben, Hahnah Arendt and others.
Designed by Vier5
Edition of 800
Text in English
24 x 15 cm
210 black and white pages/photo/illustrations
ISBN: 978-2-918252-42-9