entretien-interview-paraguayL’ENTRETIEN / THE INTERVIEW

Thomas Boutoux and Guillaume Leblon


The Interview is a theatrical play for two actors in six scenes, written in collaboration between the artist Guillaume Leblon and the critic Thomas Boutoux. It stages an ongoing conversation between an artist and a critic that begins when the former commissions a text from the latter. Their dialogue soon develops into a dramatic series of misunderstandings, agreements and discord about writing, art-making and publishing… but also touches on Egyptian sepulture, drinking in the afternoon, artistic paranoia, the uses of time, the artist as Average Joe or institutional critique, as The Interview follows their desperate attempt to write a new Tristram Shandy.

First presented in 2007 in Ivry at Le Credac, The Interview has been staged several times including at the ICA, London, in the context of the exhibition Talk Show curated by Will Holder.

Designed by Bowling Club
Printed at Setig, France
Bilingual French/English
Edition of 1000
Softcover, 112 pages. 20 × 13 cm
with color illustrations
ISBN : 978-2-918252-02-3